Shooting Locations

We are totally open to any suggestions on shooting locations. We understand many people don’t want typical scenery or overused locations. Keep in mind while choosing private or permittable areas that access fees or shooting permits are not included in our billing. On the other hand, if you aren’t sure where your shoot should take place. We’ve devised a Map Customizer map with over 14 public locations we’ve scouted ourselves. We’ve marked most of the locations with youtube links so you may learn more about the area. 

There is no charge to travel to the initial shooting location within 30 miles from the central Columbus area. Additional locations will be billed for mileage. Locations outside of the Columbus are may require an additional estimation. 


In-studio sessions are scheduled and charged hourly at $20. Studio time must be reserved in advance by payment. Cancellations must also be made 48hrs in advance for return of payment.

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